A Very Special Skype Call

We just arrived back in San Juan del Sur last night, so it was a bit of a race to gather children, figure out our technology, and get everyone in place, but what an incredible opportunity! We were able to be a part of a Skype Video Call – Us and the Vega kids with the children (& a few adults too)  from Living Hope Covenant Church in Colorado Springs, CO.

click here got more information on Living Hope Covenant Church

Our friend Faye & her dog Larry did a wonderful job facilitating the call.  The Vega kids got to meet some new friends and everyone learned a little more about each others cultures.  We talked about birthday parties, snow, how we like to play, & church.  We ended the call with the Vega kids singing a couple of songs.  It could not have gone more perfect!

After the Skype call, we had some time to share a meal and hang out.  Brittney took over as photographer and captured all of these great shots!

I love these kids, and am so blessed to know them!


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