El Carrizal

On June 6th we were invited out to the community of El Carrizal to talk about  littering, and to paint some friendly signs that they could post to remind folks to dispose of their garbage in appropriate ways.  El Carrizal is about 20 minutes or so outside of San Juan del Sur.  Amazingly the main road there is entirely bricked.  It is a beautiful drive in the same direction as some of San Juan’s most incredible beaches.  And as we are now in the rainy season here, the scenery is stunning – greens of every shade and color before us.  We met up with our friend Belkys and about a dozen kids to work on the project.  We didn’t get as far as we had hoped to, as we had to wait for paint to dry on the boards before we moved on, but it was a great start – we look forward to returning sometime to see the completed signs all hung up in their community!  Way to go Carrizal!

Miranda took some great pictures too.  Here are the ones that she wanted to share with you.

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