Meet Valentin


Valentin with his parents when they came to visit


We have met some incredible people these last several months.  Valentin (center – in the blue shirt) is one of them.  We first met Valentin way back in February when we went out with some volunteers from the San Juan del Sur Library to paint a local school.  We worked on a few other schools together and then also bumped into him at Christian Surfer Church. Valentin is from Germany and living here for an entire year – leaving the same day we do to fly home.  He has volunteered for several different local agencies, both non-profit and government.  One of his jobs was helping with health inspections of all of the local restraunts, and another was treating wells to help in the prevention of Dengue feaver.  He has taught English classes, volunteered with the library, and so much more! We are grateful to have Valentin as our friend.

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