Diane’s Home Visit in Philadelphia

Pastor Francisco arranged Home Visits for us while we were in Ameya.  I admit we were all a bit nervous.  I especially was, when I found of that I was going solo! One afternoon, I met up with several women in the Philadelphia community (about a 15 minutes drive from Ameya).  We talked about so many things, and my Spanish was put to the test.  So glad I had brought my dictionary with me!  Cooking, cultural differences, the book of James, church life, marital intimacy, our ages, our familes, nothing seemed to be off limits.  I loved ever second of it! The women fed me all sorts of typical Nicaraguense foods too.  Some were even new ones to me.  I was super excited to learn how to make Pitaya Juice.  YUM! What a wonderful gift this afternoon was to me! Thank you Mactalia and Jameleth for the incredible hospitality!

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