My Field Trip to Flor de Cana by Mike

While living in Chinandega, we were very close to where Flor de Cana is made.  Flor de Cana is Nicargua’s premium rum.  At one time the same owners also owned Tona & Victoria – Nicaragua’s 2 beer options.  I had heard that the president of the combined company maintained his office at Flor de Cana.  I tried to bring him some samples of New Belgium Beer that I had brought along from home in Colorado.  In the parking lot, of all places, I happened to bump into and meet one of the owners of Flor de Cana.  I thought that was cool.  During this meeting though, I learned that in fact the rum and beer companies had split into two differents entities about 10 years ago.  He welcomed my beer samples, but as I pegged him for a rum man, I decided to save my limited supply of my favorite New Belgium brews for a later tour of Tona.  My quest continues!

It was a great tour, quite different than a similar tour would have been in the U.S.  This tour focused on history and the final aging process but did not deal with the distilling or manufacturing process.  The official tasting process for rum differed slightly from the tasting process for beer, and it was aunique experience.

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