Wiki Sticks in Ameya

We found two boxes of Wiki Sticks in a thrift store a few months ago, and had already shared them once in San Juan del Sur, so we weren’t sure if we had enough for a 2nd batch of kids, but we took them to Ameya, with a solid back up plan in place…just in case.  Over 30 kids came to the library to create with us, and we had an opportunity to witness a modern day loaves and fishes experience (found in all 4 gospel books of the Bible:  Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:30-44, Luke 9:10-17, & John 6:1-15).  Everyone had all that they needed, and as we were cleaning up, we realized there were even a few extra sheets of sticks still in a bag on the desk.  So cool!

We have really loved getting to do art with kids these past several months.  It’s a blast for sure! But it really is so much less about the art for us and so much more about having time and space to build relationships with kids and teachers, and sometimes even with their moms or grandmas who come with the kids.  I think that’s why when we volunteered in the big school, we found it such a struggle.  We just could not engage all 600 + kids how we really wanted to.  One Borden sitting and engaging with one table of kids is our heart beat.  It’s where we find opportunities to chit-chat, to encourage one another, to learn about each other’s cultures, and love in a more personal way.  It’s where we have found opportunities to ask the question – “Can I pray for you?” and it’s where we feel like God most uses us.  We are so grateful to have a variety of opportunities to love and serve though and know in each one God teaches us more about Him.

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