Visiting Frank’s Mom’s Church!


Frank Rivas and his mom

Our friend Frank was really excited to have us serve in a variety of settings while we were in Chinandega, and one of the places he really wanted us to be a part was at his mom’s church.  So, he had arranged for us to come and share with the children there.

We were really honored to share with this very special church.

We have had an opportunity to worship and serve alongside many different churches in these past 5 months, and are so grateful for the variety in God’s Kingdom.  This church worshiped differently in some ways than we had experienced before.  A couple of these ways were that the women all covered their heads with a pretty lace scarf, and the men and women sat on different sides of the room from each other.  We had a great conversation after church wondering what would this group of believers say about our church family if they were given a chance to join us in Colorado for a Sunday morning.   Thank you Lord for giving us so many wonderful opportunities to experience the bigger Church.


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