Our Fundraising Update


Thank you Lord! We leave Fort Collins fully funded! We think this is AMAZING! Pledges and donations of $25,000.00 have been given in support of our family going on this short term missions trip.  Additional funds that still want to be given will be used for special projects that we know will come up during these next 6 months.



We’ve been asked a lot lately – “How’s the fundraising going?”

Well, we always anwer “Great”…and it is, but we also have a long way to go.  As of today, our airline tickets are purchased, and if we total up the rest of our cash and monthly donors all into one pot, we’ve raised enough funds for our 1st month.  :-)

We are roughly looking to raise an additional $19,000.00 before we leave in just 2 months now.

Other logistics we are working through right now are the renting of our home as well as the renting of one more of our cars.